Todays Best Quarterbacks

The NFL Quarterback is one of the most high pressure jobs in the world.  It requires quick, creative decisions under tense circumstances.  The ultimate test of a quarterback’s skill is how they perform in the final minutes, with the game on the line.  My friends and I had a little fun creating a list of the top quarterbacks you want running your team’s 2 minute offense.  The list is by tier, in no particular order.  Enjoy:

Tier 1
Tom Brady###%
Drew Brees#
Aaron Rodgers#
Peyton Manning*#%

Tier 2
Eli Manning#
Ben Roethlisberger##%
Philip Rivers
Matt Stafford
Tony Romo

Tier 3
Michael Vick
Matt Ryan
Joe Flacco
Jay Cutler
Cam Newton
Matt Schaub
Alex Smith

Tier 4
Sam Bradford
Mark Sanchez
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Tim Tebow
Kevin Kolb
Matt Hasselbeck%
Andy Dalton
Matt Cassel
Josh Freeman

Tier 5
Carson Palmer
Tavaris Jackson
Rex Grossman%
Blaine Gabbert
Colt McCoy
Matt Moore
Christian Ponder

*Injured in 2012
#Super Bowls won
%Super Bowls lost


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