The Examined Life

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

On Sunday, four students graduated from The Ohio State University and joined me among the growing list of Buckeye alumni.  What’s different about David Lighty, Jon Diebler, Dallas Lauderdale and Nikola Kecman is that these students were preparing for the 3rd round of the NCAA tournament and couldn’t attend the ceremony with the rest of their fellow graduates.  So, they held their own ceremony before the game.  A wonderful moment and memory for these graduates but also a reminder about what’s really important as we watch these student-athletes compete in the NCAA Tournament:  Athletics can give you fame, an education always gives you opportunity.

If I were there to speak to these kids on their big day, I would tell them: 

The education doesn’t stop here.  Life should be studied.  The examined life improves your tomorrow.  The examined life breeds ideas.  The examined life changes the world.  Just because your classes are over, doesn’t mean the learning is.


2 responses to “The Examined Life

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