It’s debatable

Last night, I attended a debate between Chicago’s Mayoral candidates Rahm Emanuel, Gery Chico, Miguel del Valle, and Carol Moseley Braun.  In politics, just like in business, messaging and branding matters.  People will vote for you (or buy from you) because they want to or they like you.   

We wouldn’t do business with someone that only touted their strengths, successes and accomplishments or that only attacked their competitors during a presentation.  Yet why do we let our politicians get away with it?   People don’t care about you, they care about themselves.  They don’t want to hear about your credentials or about how great you are.  It makes you look self-centered.  They certainly don’t want to hear you criticize your competitors.  It makes you look desperate.  What they do want to hear is what you can do to solve their problems and how you will make their lives better.  The one who tells that story wins.


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