Good enough to great

It’s easier to drop your golf handicap from 100 to 90 than it is from 80 to 75.  As a beginner, all you need is repitition.  The more hours you log the better you are bound to become.  Going from good to great takes something else.  It’s skill, desire, thought and giving that extra 10% that not everyone is willing to give.

At best, the majority of our presentations are good.  They outline all the important points (and then some).  They are good enough and they work (sometimes).  But it’s the last 10% that separates the good presentations from the great ones.  Instead of filling your presentation with slide after slide of text and bullets (with a few pictures added in for “effect”), take the extra time to focus on design, telling a story and thoughtful reduction.  Sooner or later you’ll stop hearing “good presentation” and you’ll start hearing, “Thanks, that was great!”


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