Building a brand

All companies care to some degree about their customers or they wouldn’t be in business. Some do a better job than others making them happy.  Southwest Airlines is a brand that cares about customer satisfaction, even to the detriment to its bottom line (not instituted baggage fees costs them an estimated $732 million annually*).  Here’s the rub: in the long-term, passengers are more likely to return to Southwest because of how it makes them feel.

Southwest’s brand building can teach us a lot about messaging.  A presentation built around your audience’s point of view instead of yours makes them feel that you care about them.  This increases the likelihood that you will be invited back for a follow-up.  Sacrificing what is easy for you in the short term helps build better relationships and better branding in the long term.

*Travel Weekly “No bag fees strategy could help Southwest in the long run” by Michael Fabey


One response to “Building a brand

  1. Hi, Mike. Am enjoying your new web site and reading the blogs. The reason Southwest Airlines has such brand recognition is their lost costs, but especially, their employees. They all appear happy to be there just for my needs, they’re friendly and helpful, and funny, to boot. The bottom line is they work for a good “product”. I fly SWA every chance I get. Thanks, Carol

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