Dealing with a crisis

How you deal with a crisis says a lot about you, your company or your city. Dealing with a crisis means coming up with ideas. Those who come up with the most innovative ideas come out stronger.

Chicago is currently preparing for the worst blizzard in 30 years. They are fortunate to know a day in advance to prepare the city, the people and its workers for the weather issues. Garbage trucks will be emptied and sent out with snow plows to help clean the streets. Plows will be put on the front of all CTA trains to clear the snow in an effort to keep the trains running (and keep commuters off the streets). Heaters were built onto the tracks to keep from freezing. The National Guard is on alert to help stranded pedestrians broken down on the side of the street.

Do you have the luxury of knowing that a crisis is coming your way? If so, what are you doing to help your clients or your people deal with the problem? If not, don’t waste too much time diagnosing the problem and figure out who’s to blame/what went wrong. Those are best left for reflection after the crisis is behind you. Your best course of action is to look ahead and come up with ideas to fix the problem.


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