Go Analog

Question: How often have you come up with a really great idea while sitting in front of your computer?  The answer, most likely, is not very often.  Yet, how many times have you been hit upside the head with a great idea when you were in the shower, or on the treadmill, or out with friends?

The reason is that the distractions that come with working at your desk – email, phone calls, twitter or facebook – hinder creativity.  Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen says, “Compared to sitting at a keyboard, the act of using paper and pen to explore ideas, and the visualization of those ideas is far more powerful.  So take a minute and “go analog.”  The best ways to come up with ideas (brainstorming, doodling, storyboarding, absence thinking, right-braining) all take place away from your computer.  Step away – go to the park, go to the coffee shop, or go to the conference room.  Grab a pen and paper, go someplace quiet or someplace inspiring and sketch out your ideas.  If that doesn’t work, do something else entirely to take your mind off things.  That’s usually when you have your “eurkeka!” moments.


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