Yes or No vs This or That

Which answer is harder to get: Yes instead of no, this instead of that? These may seem similar, but they are quite different. And that difference is important. Saying yes means a commitment. This instead of that is a choice made after you have committed. Getting to yes is a harder sell than selling this (you) over that (competitor).

Think of it like this. First, you decide whether or not you want to go out to eat, then you decide which restaurant to go to. First yes, then this or that.

Or in the world of Hispanic marketing, first you have to get your client to say yes to targeting Hispanics as a viable business opportunity. Then it’s choosing Univision over Telemundo or Television versus Radio.

Frame your message around these 2 different types of answers: Yes or no, this or that. Do you need them to say yes to what you are selling or do you need them to choose you over a competitor. Simplify your message asking for either a commitment or a choice. Get the commitment first.


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